What is better open or closed back headphones?

open or closed back headphonesIf you are not that well aware with all the technical terms and definitions used in any kind of the audio reviews, it can be really irritating to go through that kind of stuff. It is obvious to all of us that the audio world is extremely vast and wide and consists of a huge number of things for sure.

If you are ready to spend the required amount on buying any sort of audio item, it is advised that you must buy the right items and not just waste your money in any random thing.

One of the greatest comparisons that you must go through is open versus closed headphones. While the concept behind both of these is extremely simple but the reason for choosing one type over the other one is not that easy to understand by most the people.

In this article, we are helping you to understand both of these along with offering you the valid details required to make the discrimination to make the decision between best closed back headphones and open back headphones

You need to make sure only to purchase the item that is according to your need and will be able to provide you with the kind of services that you are actually looking for.

Open Back Headphones pros and cons:


  • These sorts of headphones are best recommended for critical listening tasks.
  • These provide awesome sound quality when used to hear the high-quality audio files.
  • The open head headphones are best recommended or any kind of at-home listening.


  • In the closed back vs open back headphones, you must know that open head headphones are not that great for commuting purposes.
  • It does not prove beneficial in blocking the outdoor noises.
  • We do not recommend you to use these headphones while you are on the plane.
  • You need to avoid the use of open head headphones while in your office.

closed back vs open back headphones

Closed Back Headphones pros and cons:


  • These sorts of headphones are best for any kind of casual listening. It will offer you the best quality of sound while listening to any genre of music.
  • You can easily use it while you are on a plane.
  • These are also great to be used to listen to music at the office premises.
  • The closed head headphones are awesome for commuting purposes for sure.
  • These kinds of headphones are also best used for the mixing as well as recording purposes on any sort of occasion.


  • The major drawback of these headphones is that it does not vent out the heat that is formed around your ears. It stores the heat around your ears creating some sort of discomfort.

open vs closed back headphones

Final Verdict

In the discussions about the open vs closed back headphones, we have mentioned some of the important details about both of the products. It is totally up to you to choose any of them according to your choice and requirement.