Is it necessary to clean DVD or Blu-ray player

People often love to watch movies, in case your DVD or Blur-ray player gets play back issue and stop the movie in the middle. It will make you irritate at the time of watching your favorite movie. This is mainly because of dirt and dust caught in the player lens and dust in the castes.

To avoid this irritation cleaning your DVD player or Blu-ray player in regular basis is more important to enjoy your favorite movie till the end. Cleaning the blu-ray player in sense not clean just outer of the player if you need to have a perfect picture quality you need to clean basic parts of the blu-ray player.

clean DVD or Blu-ray player

How to clean Blu-ray DVD player:

When you decided to clean your DVD player or Blu-ray player, first you need to remove discs from the player because if you clean a blu ray dvd player with disc it cause jamming while using the player. Once you removed the disc wipe all the dust on the down side of the disc followed by all hard reach parts which are listed below.

Cooling vents: It is so good to clean your cooling vents at least once in a month with soft brush. Mainly because the cooling vents usually gain more dust or dirt which in turn stops the air supplies to the player and make it overheat. If dusts are accumulated in the cooling vents it moves to the lens of the player which affects the picture quality. Even these can lead the player to non read the disc.

Outer case: If you removed outer case of the player if the dust is too high then it is better to clean the case with soft cloth in top, front and side of the machine. While wiping back side of the player ensure that you are using dry cloth.

clean a blu ray player lens

Cleaning lens: You might experience the skipping of disc or freezing of disc is not due to defect in player and it is mainly due to the dust or dirt exposed in the lens it will make the player to make play back issues so it is important to clean a blu ray player lens

While cleaning blue-ray lenses you can use blueray lens cleaner there are several blueray lens cleaner in the market because when you clean the disc lenses with hard or soft brush or using dry cloth or soft cloth it will affect the quality of the picture. If you use brush there are chances for making scratches in the laser lens. Further it may cause several problems in the player so it is better to use best lens cleaner liquid which would be effective in cleaning the disc lens.

More over using lens cleaning liquid is easy to use and eco friendly. It is very hard to find best lens cleaner some people would buy several lens cleaner and mix them up to get good cleaning but this way of cleaning will cause damages to the blu-ray lens or your DVD lens.